The role of internal audit is crucial in an organisation as it provides assurance whether organisation’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively. TSS Advisory and Assurance brings the required skills, experience, capacity and support to organisations’ internal audit function.


The internal audit services we provide include the following;

  1. Performing a gap analysis on the current Internal Audit Policy and Directives used by the client. Drafting the Internal Audit Policy and Directives in line with the updated/latest regulatory frameworks.
  2. Developing a detailed operational plan and audit programmes for the internal audit function.
  3. Conducting internal audit procedures for assignments addressing:
    • Regulatory audits.
    • Compliance Audits.
    • Performance Audits.
  4. Developing an internal audit monitoring and reporting framework.
  5. Reviewing policies and procedures of the organisation, assist with identifying gaps and recommendation for improvement (Internal Control Initiatives).
  6. Assisting with compiling identifying key risks for the organisation and developing compliance risk register.
  7. Analysis of the regulatory universe and development of the compliance risk management framework.


TSS Advisory and Assurance will provide objective insight as our team comprise of people of integrity and strong work ethics and are independent. Efficiency of your operations will be improved as the team has quite the experience in business process reviews as well as risk assessment and controls.

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